Flooring: Checkmate

Wall and flooring tiling are the face of any room, if you want traditional then solid oak floor blanks will create a warm and old aura to the room. A couple layers of protective gloss will not only make the floor practically appropriate but also surface the grain of the wood which is the beautiful attraction of wooden flooring which we all love.

When looking at wall tiling in the bathroom, kitchen, utility room and sometimes other rooms, gone are the days when the conventional plain bold white colours are used. For kitchens it is a chance to add some wonderful colours, contrasting and complementary which work well in creating a unique the and character to a room. Of course for bathroom panels the tiles need to not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also have a practical usage which will work well within the home and ideally serve its purpose.

Recently introduced and slowly taking to the market are the new outdoor tiles, which offer a unique appearance to the home. They are popular amongst the more modern buildings which are made up of several flats. The tiles come in a range of colours, patterns, and textures, however the favorability is there easier installation process which means when building on mass scale, it is quicker to create great looking flats in cheaper method.

From The Bottom Up

Building a home requires exceptional planning, effort and termination. However when building it is important that you get the right materials and tools for the job, it will make a world of difference using good quality resources and will make a huge improvement to the final project. Often you will find sourcing foundation materials such as your wood and cement from local distributors will not only provide you with top quality products from locally sourced sites, but even the small things such as transporting masses of materials will be reduced.

construction-370588_1280Cement in the current market is not cheap and give or take you are looking at £30 per kilo of good quality cement needed for the foundations of any structure you will intend to build. On average you will be need around 500-1200kg of cement for a area of 50sqm space, and will give you a depth of 6-10 inches thick. Of course nowadays more and more projects are following the eco friendly trend that are being incorporated in most new builds today. Water tanks and other extra piping will bump up the material shopping list with more cement needed to secure such additional elements.



Home Sweet Home

Our homes are an expression of us as individual people and of course a house has a character of its own, hence why finding the right home is often difficult. When looking for homes the house tale that ‘you just know’ is often correct and walking to a house for the right time, should emit all the positive and warning signs that it will do every day you live there. People who are looking for homes, often are looking for different things; some people look for space – both indoor and outdoor, others want a house they can move straight into, and others will be looking for something they can transform into their own unique space.

Cottages are becoming increasingly popular amongst the older generations as the with the exposed wooden beams and solid wood originally flooring now a wanted feature. In comparison to this the younger generations are still looking for the more modern houses, with blank canvasses where they can make the house their own from scratch. For virgin home-hunters young couples are looking for a place where they can mirror themselves and have a space which is something which represents them and their personality.